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Same Day Crowns - One Visit Restoration

cerec crowns
mansfield ma

Once the tooth has been prepared by the dentist a crown or cap can be made. Same day crowns are created by a machine called CEREC. The process begins with the dental provider taking a digital impression of your teeth. (no more trays filled with chalky paste) Once the area is scanned, this usually takes about 5 minutes, the dentist designs the crown on the computer. 

The dentist can determine size, shape and all properties of the crown. The crown is then milled. The milling is quick and is usually completed within 15 minutes. Often times the crown is glazed and baked in a high temperature oven. The dental provider can adjust the color of the tooth to exactly match the existing teeth. The crown is then placed and permanently cemented. The whole process usually takes less than 90 minutes and the patient does not have to wait two weeks with a temporary crown or come back for a second visit.

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