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How To Choose The Right Toothbrush

You’ve probably noticed that toothbrushes have different bristle firmness ratings - soft, medium, and hard. This tells you how firm the bristles are and how much pressure they put on your teeth and
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Bad Posture Can Cause TMJ Disorder

After years of braces your teeth are perfectly aligned. You do not grind or clench your teeth at night. You do not bite your fingernails, chew on pen caps, or engage in any other bad oral habits.
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How to Choose the Best Dental Toothpaste

The choice of toothpaste can often seem bewildering,and most people have a favorite or choose the brand that's on special offer. However this may not necessarily be the best choice, as certain types
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Debunking 5 Common Dental Myths

While dental care is something that we all must do, there are a lot of myths that have formed around it. Poor dental care can lead to a large number of health issues, yet dental care itself is often
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