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teeth cleaning

Teeth Cleaning

Dental checkups performed with teeth cleanings are an important part or oral and overall health. Preventive dental care helps keep teeth and soft tissue free of disease and can identify potential issues while they are still easily treatable.



It is important to protect a natural tooth after a root canal or serious decay has damaged it. A crown is placed over the tooth which will provide strength and support to the tooth after the tooth has been repaired.

crec crowns

CEREC Crowns

3D CAD Software and digital imaging is used to create a dental crown which fits perfectly and has the look and feel of a natural tooth. The crown can be created and inserted in just one visit to the dental office.



Replace all upper and or lower teeth with dentures. Dentures also help maintain function and dimension. Without teeth bone loss occurs and cause the face to be concave. Dentures help to restore the face to a more natural shape.


Dental Implants

During a simple surgical procedure, a titanium screw is placed in the location of the missing tooth or teeth. Once the dental implant screw fuses to the bone a crown can be placed over it restoring the natural look and feel of the tooth.

root canals

Root Canals

Always thought to be a painful procedure, modern dentistry makes it relatively pain free. The infected tooth canals are cleaned and filled with a plastic material. The tooth is then prepared for a post, core and crown.



Using two neighboring teeth to support it a dental bridge can replace one or several missing teeth. The bridge can be permanently cemented into place and appears natural.

TMJ Treatments

TMJ Treatment

Headaches, clicking and discomfort can be alleviated by proper TMJ Treatment. Relief can come by using a guard, or splint and sometimes through surgery.

Laser Dentistry

Laser Dentistry

The use of Lasers in dentistry can reshape and remove gum tissue. Lasers have also been effective in removing decay and whitening teeth.



An extremely durable tooth colored bonding filling material is placed in the cavity after the decay has been removed.



The crevices and fissure in teeth are filled with a tooth colored sealant preventing bacteria from infiltrating and causing cavities.

Deep Teeth Cleanings

Deep Cleanings

If bacteria is allowed to infiltrate below the gum line it can destroy bone and the roots of the teeth. Deep Cleanings or Scaling removes this bacteria.

digital dentist x-rays

Digital X-Rays

Using the latest technology, dental health providers can use digital xrays to better see and diagnose issues with teeth and bone.



Our in-house Orthodontic team has an impeccable reputation.

Diabetes and Oral Health

Diabetes and Oral Health

Determine your risk level for type 2 diabetes with this test from the American Diabetes Association.

Having your teeth cleaned is a very important part of your oral and overall health. Teeth cleaning removes plaque and tarter buildup in both the seen and unseen surfaces of your teeth. Regular cleanings help prevent cavities. The ADA and Dynamic Dental recommend a cleaning once every 6 months. After the cleaning the dentist will examine your teeth for any potential issues or current problems.
Every patient receives a comprehensive exam when joining our practice. The dentist will take the time to digitally chart all existing treatment and note any treatment that may need to be done. They will also conduct an oral cancer screening and photograph all of your teeth using a digital inter oral camera.

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