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Laser Dentistry - Newest techniques and equipment

laser dentistry mansfield ma

Laser Dentistry is an up and coming form of dentistry. Lasers are a great tool for patients looking for treatment with less pain, less swelling, less bleeding and less noise.  Lasers can be used to replace the drilling of new filling as well as the curing of the filling, which strengthens the bond between the filling and the tooth. Laser Dentistry can also be used for whiting procedures, when doing a Frenectomy (removal of the soft tissue that connects the inner lip to the gums), as well as Lesion and Biopsy removals.

Lasers can are used for cosmetic procedures such as removing or reshaping gum tissue around teeth. There are still times when laser cannot be used. Examples of this are when an area already has a filling, when a filling is needed in between teeth or when preparing a tooth for a crown.

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