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Mouth and Night guards ease clenching and grinding

night mouth guards
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A Night Guard is dental appliance that is given to patients that suffer from teeth grinding or clenching. This grinding or clenching can cause jaw pain, TMJ dysfunction, headaches, wearing down of the teeth as well as many other issues. The guard is made by taking an impression of the patients teeth and creating a mold. Once the mold is created a custom plastic guard is made. The guard is designed to protect your teeth if you clench/ grind while asleep. By supplying a barrier between the top and bottom of your teeth the guard prevents the patient from completely biting down, clenching and grinding. These guards are made either for patients top or bottom teeth, which can depend on the comfort of the patient. Appliances like a night guard can also help prevent snoring.
Another type of night guard appliance is an NTI. NTI like a standard mouth guard also protects your teeth as you sleep from grinding and clenching. The big difference between the two, is that a traditional night guard covers all your teeth and an NTI is fitted just to your front upper or lower teeth. and the NTI aligns your TMJ protecting your muscles and joint.

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