SMILE! Foods That Can Ruin or Damage Your Teeth

foods that damage oir ruin teethNearly everyone agrees, a great smile is important. Having a beautiful smile can make you feel poised, confident and can even make you more appealing to the opposite sex. In a recent survey, a pleasant smile was something numerous singles named as a highly sought after physical feature in a potential mate. How does your smile measure up? Do you know how to preserve your gorgeous grin?

If you value your smile, ward off these half a dozen teeth wrecking foods and beverages, known to cause lusterless smiles.

No. 1: Sports Beverages and Energy Drinks

According to the president of the Academy of General Dentistry, the pH scale levels in sports beverages contribute to heavy tooth wearing. This is primarily ascribable to the high density of acid-forming elements contained in these beverages, which do nothing but eat at enamel. These potables are also high in bacterium producing carbohydrates. These saccharides creep in to dentition and are powerful accelerators for cavities and dental caries.

No. 2: Wine

Imbibing vino on a regular basis damages enamel beyond repair. The acidity in wine breaks up the tooth’s anatomical structure, leading to decomposition and tooth loss, if left untreated. If you believe one kind of wine is worse than the other, think again. Both red and white vino alike cause discolorations in teeth and are equal across the board in smile damaging ingredients.

No. 3: Blistering Potables

Black tea drinks and hot java produce bacteria that wedges into the endocarps and furrows of teeth, eroding tooth enamel and leads to stains and dingy looking teeth. Adding milk to your coffee or afternoon tea facilitates a counterbalance to the smile wrecking acids in these most common first light potables.

No. 4: Candy

Any time you consume foods that are high in refined sugar, like candy, your mouth automatically creates acid and saccharides that snipe your tooth enamel. These damaging ingredients create the perfect environment for dental caries, gingivitis and tooth decay.

No. 5: Soft Drinks

Soda pop is one of the worst things you can put in your mouth. Chockfull of saccharide and bacterium inducing acid, the extremely concentrated sugar in soda pop causes caries, tooth decay and will even tarnish your teeth in the long-term.

No. 6: Citrus and Other Acidic Food

Any type of acrid, including the acids found in popular fruits like lemons, grapefruit and a variety of fruit juices cause dental caries in the same manner soft drinks do. The acid in these products sabotage your teeth, eating them away slowly and decomposing your tooth enamel.

If you would like to maintain your smile healthy for years, experts urge fending off or restricting consumption of these foods, regular brushing and flossing and increasing your water intake. If you heed this advice, you can always smile with confidence.

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