Afraid of the Dentist? Reconsider!

Last night I was eating an ice cream sundae and watching The Biggest Loser when two of the cast members decided that they would try and face their biggest fears. The contestants were in New Zealand and were contemplating a jump off of the Sky Tower in Auckland. The Sky tower is 328 meters tall and is the tallest manmade structure in the southern Hemisphere.


fear of the dentist

The contestant shared how he had recurrent nightmares about falling and that he could feel nauseous if he looked down from any sort of height. Even Bob the trainer who is a healthy athletic man, expressed that he was afraid of heights was and how much he hated to have that limitation in his life.


What struck me the most was the joy on these grown men’s faces when they completed the Sky Jump. Celebrating when they touched the ground, they were so proud of their accomplishments. Everyone was excited for them. They were so freed of their fear by this 10 second decent. It was uplifting to watch.


According to the fear of heights is right up there with snakes and public speaking and GOING TO THE DENTIST! All are real and valid if they happen to be in your mind.


Deciding to call your friendly dental office and schedule a long past due checkup can be as scary as jumping off a building, flying, or giving a speech in front of a crowd. But the satisfaction is equal to that of making the jump off of the tower. The benefit to your health is immeasurable. You can free yourself of dental emergencies and tooth pain by having regular dental visits now. It is know that the people who have a hard time a the dentist are the ones who do not make regular visits.

Just like anything else the longer you put it off the worse it gets. Save yourself some real pain and worry and make that appointment today. With all of the modern technology the computerized dental office is a far cry from your childhood dental office. After your appointment you can celebrate too and with this needless worry gone, you can take on more important worries -- bungee jumping anyone?

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