Crowns and Bridges in One Visit Using 3D CAD


Dynamic Dental offers same day crown and bridge work using the most technologically advanced CEREC system.

When you are in need of restoration work, you may not fully understand all the terms and procedures that are being thrown at you. If you've been told that you may need porcelain dental crowns and are curious as to what these are, or have been looking into the benefits of CEREC, then here is the information that you need for further answers.

Porcelain Dental Crowns

A crown is a restoration dental technique that bonds to the tooth's surface with a form of dental cement. It goes completely around the tooth and can be made of varying materials. Dental crowns are used when there is a threat to the health of the tooth, typically by large cavities. To have a porcelain dental crown made, the dentist will make an "impression" of the tooth, to recreate the tooth's surface area. For most dental crowns, they are fabricated later and then put in at another dental appointment. Computers are now helping with the fabrication of dental crowns with CAD dentistry. 

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What is CEREC?

Also known as Ceramic REConstruction or Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics, CEREC gives you ceramic dental restoration using CAD technology and 3D imaging to help create crowns during the same dental appointment. In one sitting a dental patient can now get their teeth crowned without waiting on them to be fabricated and set into place.


During the restoration process, the tooth will be prepared and then imaged using a 3d camera.  The tooth restoration needs are then stored and sent wirelessly to the machine that does the milling work. The process of milling or fabricating the crown is done with a solid block of the material for the crown and is cut with diamond burs. Depending on how complicated the fabrication, this can be four minutes to twenty minutes in duration. After it is made, the dentist can then fit the crown on the afflicted tooth and bond it into place. Depending on how many teeth need this done, the dentist will do this more than once. All work is completed in-house while the patient is comfortable and already in the chair.


Benefits of the CEREC Dental Crowns

There are several benefits to getting these new CAD dentistry CEREC crowns, such as:

  • No second appointment is needed, saving the patient a good deal of time.  As the patient can get everything they need done at one sitting and doesn't have to reschedule for a follow-up appointment.

  • Better for your teeth - Many times, while waiting for a follow-up appointment to get your crowns, there can be additional wear and tear, abuse, and degeneration of your teeth. Getting crowns chair-side eliminates any further degradation of the tooth's surface.

  • No need for temporary crowns - Since there is no need for that second visit to fit a permanent crown, you aren't going to be needing a temporary crown – which can fall off and be lost.

  • There is no metal - With CAD-made CEREC crowns there is no metal, so the tooth will look like a tooth.

  • Precise fit - Since it is all done with computers and imaging, there is no stumbling to get the right fit. The fit is perfect from the very first bonding.

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