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Another teen trend looms on the horizon - dental tattoos. Tooth tattoos are growing in popularity in India and parts of Europe and may soon become the latest way to express individuality.

Tattoos are the ultimate form of self-expression, and one that teens have come to embrace. Few body parts have escaped adornment by teenagers and young adults eager to express their individuality. But teeth? Yes, dental tattoos could be the hottest new trend to make inroads with the teen crowd. tooth dental tattoo

Few people look forward to a trip to the dentist, but when the dentist is decorating a tooth, the idea is less foreboding. Why the interest in tooth art? The most likely answer is teens are always looking new forms of self-expression, and tooth tattoos fit the bill.

What Are Tooth Tattoos?

Tooth tattoos fall into two categories – temporary and permanent. Temporary dental tattoos are templates containing artwork that are glued to teeth. A dentist can apply one of these miniature works of art in about fifteen minutes, but these days you don’t even need a trip to the dentist to adorn a tooth. You can buy temporary dental decals online that stick to the surface of a tooth and last for about 24 hours.  It’s instant dental art.

According to a news article published on Yahoo Shine, a British plumber got in on the craze by paying a dentist to paint the images of Prince William and Kate Middleton on his front teeth to commemorate the royal wedding. It set him back $1,600 and six hours of his time for tooth tattoos that will last about 3 months, as long as he doesn’t brush too vigorously.

Permanent tooth tattoos aren’t simply glued or stuck to a tooth; they’re drilled on, which can take several hours if the design is detailed. This type of procedure is more time-consuming, expensive, and the artwork can’t be removed or brushed away like temporary tooth tattoos can be.

Another option is to have artwork applied directly to a crown. The chosen image is carved into the crown at the dental lab and baked in an oven to make it a permanent, lasting design. The image should last the life of the crown. This is only an option for people who need a dental crown.

Dentists as Artists

Some dentists are now enjoying the art of dentistry, literally, by creating custom tooth designs. The most popular designs are butterflies, skulls, angels, hearts and a person’s initials, although some talented dentists transfer more intricate designs including the faces of historical figures onto a tooth, creating miniature portraits.

Right now, the dental tattoo trend is growing in countries like India, but don’t be surprised if it becomes a hot teen trend in the United States and Europe as teens look for new ways to adorn themselves and express their individuality.

Does it hurt to get a tooth tattoo? Unlike getting a tooth drilled to fill a cavity, dental tattoos aren’t painful. Finally, a less scary reason to visit a dentist.


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