Dental Teeth Whitening as Part of Your Beauty Routine

Throughout an average person's life, it can be normal for teeth to become discolored or stained. Even with proper hygiene and oral care! Many people are interested in brightening their smile with professionally supervised tooth whitening treatments.  This can help turn back the clock on aging.  When you begin researching the process you will certainly learn that there are a variety of options for you. Here we will address some common concerns and questions you may have about dental whitening before scheduling your treatment.


Why should I consider dentally supervised whitening treatments?


Not only are the results much quicker than home whitening kits, they are also generally safer. Not all tooth whitening kits are approved by the American Dental Association and that is for a good reason. All whitening kits are not created equally and it is important to remember that when you are seeking to brighten your smile.   Whitening kits come in several different forms and strengths.   It is crucial the kit that is best suited for the individual needs, problem and clinical prognosis be used.   Damage to teeth and soft tissue can occur if the wrong kit is used.  Great results are unlikely unless the proper kit is used.


Can anyone receive dentally supervised tooth whitening treatments?


You may be surprised to know that dentally supervised whitening treatments are not for everyone. Because of this it is important you receive a full evaluation from your dentist before receiving treatment. Dentally Supervised Whitening Treatments may not be for you if you have: Sensitive Teeth, Excessive white spots or tooth decay, Infected Gums Bridges, Crown or other dental work involving your front teeth


So what can I expect from dentally supervised tooth whitening treatments?


Typically a single supervised whitening treatment will whiten your teeth between 5-10 shades. An average treatment will take only 45 minutes. Some dentists also dispense extremely high-quality home whitening kits as well. With the dentally dispensed kits you take home, you can expect a more powerful whitening treatment than you would typically receive from an over the counter kit.


What happens during a dentally supervised whitening treatment?


There are a few steps to the whitening treatment you receive in your dentist's office. Typically your dentist will apply an extra strength whitening treatment to your teeth and then they will have you sit under special lightening for 10-15 minutes to help activate the treatment. You may repeat this process up to three times in a single visit to achieve optimum whitening results.


If you are looking for a safe, easy way to not only brighten your smile but also reduce signs of aging - dentally supervised tooth whitening may be one of the simplest options for you!

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