Diet and your teeth

Each of your teeth are a tiny living organs that are as much a part of your body as your heart.  So what can you do to bring health to these mini miracles?

Lets go back a few years to the 1930's and a major pioneer in dental science, Weston A. Price DDS fromCleveland,Ohio. Dr. Price did a long term study that took him all over the planet. He found that people who lived in ‘so called’ backward primitive conditions had excellent teeth and wonderful general health.  They were eating local natural unrefined foods. That is all they had access too. Some had a thick coating of green slime covering their teeth (super gross!). But underneath the buildup were perfectly formed and healthy teeth. His study showed that diet was key to healthy gums and teeth. As soon as refined foods were imported or made available to these primitive eaters, physical degeneration digressed dramatically within 1 generation. No more perfect teeth.

In Apes, Men and Morons Harvard professor Earnest Hooten states "Let us go to the ignorant savage, consider his way of eating and be wise. Let us cease pretending that toothbrushes and toothpaste are anymore important than shoe brushes and shoe polish. It is store food that have given us store teeth."healthy teeth diet

In Sugar Blues by William Duffy a #1 best seller since the 1970's he states "Sugar eaters may brush their teeth between every bite and see their dentist 3 times a day, but their is not escaping the sugar blues."  Research shows that a high sugar diet can be directly connected to high incidence of tooth decay. It is from the inside out. If it is in your blood stream , it is in your teeth. It's not only the soda passing over the teeth while you are drinking it, but the high sugar content you are putting into your body and therefore all the vital fluids coursing through your teeth and entire body system. Gum disease and tooth decay are due to the whole body being out of whack.

In Healthy Mouth Healthy Body by Victor Zeines DDS, he states a healthy body keeps the teeth healthy. Want to avoid dental treatment?  The key is less sugar, bad fats and  high sugar dairy and instead eating plenty of fresh organic fruits and vegetables!

Just one more reason to pump up the nutritious calories in your meals and snacks.

When you eat healthy the bacterial population are kept in balance. When your general health improves, the mouth chemistry benefits greatly. This equates to a great report from your dentist at your next exam.  Periodontal disease and tooth decay are a symptoms of an underlying deficiency in your body.



In Defense of Food  by Michael Pollan

Sugar Blues by William Duffy

TheChinaStudy by T. Colin Campbell PhD and Thomas M. Campbell II, MD.

Healthy Mouth, Healthy Body by Dr. Victor Zeines


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