Fighting Cavities with Cranberry Juice

A Berry good way to fight cavities!!

Drinking 100% cranberry juice can help fight cavities.  While the American settlers back in 1683 did not have Sonicare or Listerine, they did have bushels full of a bacteria busting berry. The cranberry! What could be more exciting then a tasty way to avoid the dental drill! But exciting new research is showing us another benefit of this healthy berry. Drinking 100% cranberry juice can help fight cavities.  It works by inhibiting the bacteria from clinging to your teeth and causing tooth decay.  Cranberry juice has a specific enzyme that acts like a bacteria repellent on teeth. This enzyme inhibits bacteria from sticking. If it can't stick, it can't begin its feeding frenzy that eats through the layers of your tooth and eventually reaching your nerve causing the need for a root canal.

Dr. Koo at University of Rochester Medical Center calls it Teflon® for the teeth. Our mouths are full of bacteria which feed on the sugars in our mouth. When bacteria are eating the sugars they excrete acids that cause tooth decay.

This enzyme in the cranberry packs a 1-2 punch. Along with stopping the bacteria before they start feeding on the sugars in your mouth, it also may disrupt the formation of glucan, one of the main building blocks of Plaque. Oral plague buildup has been linked to arterial plaque buildup and heart disease. So much great stuff packed in a little berry.

cranberry juice cavity


Let's take a look at the impressive resume of a glass of C.J.

  • Loaded with vitamin C
  • Helps lower cholesterol
  • Helps cure UTI (urinary tract infections)
  • Cuts colds and sore throats
  • Boosts eyesight
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Great detoxifier
  • Fights free-radials

Before you run out and load your cart with cranberry juice, STOP! To get the decay fighting benefits you must choose 100% cranberry juice with no added sugars, flavors or colors. You can add 100% apple juice to cut the bitter taste.  Cosmopolitan martinis are not a suitable substitute!  But you can relax with a hot mug of 100% cranberry juice that has been simmered on the stove with cheesecloth wrapped goody bag of cinnamon sticks, whole cloves and orange zest. Yum!

So keep flossing and brushing for 2 minutes at least.  Replace your toothbrush monthly, or boil it for 1 minute in saltwater.  Get a Sonicare with UV sanitizer and see your dental hygienist every 3-6 months.  This cranberry enzyme will likely show up soon in mouth rinses and toothpastes.  Until then you can enjoy the cavity fighting benefits today! Cheers!


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