Free Dental Cleanings! Merry Christmas!

My Christmas list is almost done, I just have to decide if I want Santa to bring me the Nook or the Kindle. You see there is a Santa Clause who is there for you three times a year. Once during Christmas of course, and then two other times per year.


Every six months for your free dental cleanings and checkups. That means in order to take advantage of my cleanings and checkups you have to schedule the first one before June. That way you can get your second six month cleaning in December.


Use it or lose it! At the end of the year, those two free cleanings are gone, kaput, poof!


There is nothing worse then having a gift card expire and losing that $25 or $50 bucks. But that's what many people do year after year by forgetting to schedule regular dental checkups and cleanings.

Free dental Cleaning


Most dental offices are scheduled out a few weeks at least, so now is the time to call. A great dental cleaning does wonders for your oral heart health, not to mention your unique smile. Getting a dental cleaning rids your teeth of plaque and bacteria 

and thwarts gum disease leaving your pearly whites smooth and disease free. Plus, you'll get a goody bag with a new toothbrush and floss!

If your dentist finds you need some dental work, now is the time to schedule it.

Waiting could increase the risk of infection and cause more damage. You could also lose valuable yearly benefits. It is typical that your dentist's schedule will fill up quicker later in the year as all of the other people who put off the work they needed rush to get in and make use of their benefits before they expire.


So maximize your holiday shopping budget by starting your shopping early (don't forget yourself) and make use of your dental benefits by scheduling your first checkup of the year today.

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