How a Cosmetic Dentist Can Change Your Life

cosmetic dentistA cosmetic dentist can make a big impact on the quality of your life.  Have you ever considered improving your smile?  Everyday you look at your self in the mirror, do you take the time to consider how having a perfect, beautiful smile could effect your life?  Well, thankfully modern dentistry has many options available to recreate your smile! Listed below is a brief description of just some of the great procedures dental professionals can do to improve your smile.  It is always a good idea to discuss ways to make you happy with your smile with your dental provider during your bi annual cleanings and exams.

Whatever the problem is that you wish to have treated, technology and the newest dental procedures have a solution for you.

Crooked, broken, damaged or misaligned teeth - There are several different options to repair crooked or misaligned teeth.  Quick more invasive ways and longer less invasive methods. Each of these treatments can help with color, alignment, damage and shape.

- Veneers are thin outer coverings that are shaped and colored in the way in which you and the dentist decide.  A portion of your existing teeth is removed to make space for the new outer 'shell'.  Veneers can be done on many teeth at once. 

- Crowns cover the entire tooth.  The tooth is prepared prior to cementing on a permanent 'cap' or crown.  Decay or damage is removed before the new crown is inserted.  Crowns are custom designed.  Color, shape and size can all be chosen prior to the crown being created.

- Bonding is a quick option to fix broken or damaged teeth.  The dentist will remove the damaged area or decay and replace it with tooth colored composite resin.  Chips, decay and broken teeth can be restored to like new shape.

- Invisalign  / Orthodontics - We all know what braces are.  But did you know that there are clear 'trays' that are placed over your teeth and do the same thing as braces?  Invisalign moves your teeth into the proper position with a series of clear 'aligners'.  Over time and by switching aligners your teeth are moved into perfect position.  Braces can also be used to do this and are available in with clear brackets as well as the familiar silver.

Missing Teeth - Treatments to replace teeth have been around for decades.  More recently they have become less expensive, less invasive and quicker.

- Dental Implants - These are the most permanent, highest quality way to restore missing teeth.  A titanium screw in inserted into your bone.  Once the bone adheres to the screw a crown is placed over the top of the screw.  The crown is made to match the color and shape of your existing teeth.

- Bridges and partials - An inexpensive and quick way to replace missing teeth is with a bridge or partial.  Bridges attach to opposing teeth and can be permanently placed.   Bridges can span the distance of several teeth and therefore replace several missing teeth in a row.    Partials are removable dentures that can be used to replace one or more teeth.  Because they are removable they must be cleaned and maintained.  Both bridges and partials are created in the lab and can take just a few days to put into place.

Gum lines or jagged gums - With the use of soft tissue lasers, the gum lines around teeth can be recreated.   If you feel your gum line is too low or jagged a simple procedure done in the dental office can reshape the gum line around the teeth.

Stanied or miscolored dark teeth - Whitening - One of the easiest ways to help your smile is to have your teeth whitened.  There are many different options available depending on your specific needs and desires.  Your dentist can offer you in office systems such as ZOOM! and Sinsational Smile as well as take home options like Day White, Nite White and Opalesence.

There are many other smile makeover options.  Modern dentistry with the high tech equipment  make for pleasant, pain free visits.  take the time to ask your dentist what can be done to enhance your smile.  Whichever treatment you decide to have performed, you will be very happy and everyone will know it because you will be flashing your wonderful smile!

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