More Than a Pretty Smile - Cosmetic Dentistry for Quality of Life

The term "cosmetic dentistry" makes many people think of actors and models trying to achieve perfection, but people in the performing arts make up only a small part of the clientele of a cosmetic dentist. Many more everyday people choose to seek out a dentist that can do cosmetic work, and often for reasons that are far more serious than having the prettiest smile.



What a Cosmetic Dentists Does


Cosmetic dentistry refers to any dental work that is used to improve the look of a person's teeth, as opposed to work that must be done to maintain a healthy mouth and teeth. An untreated cavity could result in health problems, making filling it a priority for a patient's health. In contrast, correcting crooked teeth is not usually necessary for a person to remain in good health.


Cosmetic Work for Quality of Life


The distinction between cosmetic and non-cosmetic work is useful for determining matters of physical health, but it does not take into account the other factors in an individual's life. There are several areas where cosmetic work can make a major difference that goes far beyond looking good. They include:


.   Career - A person is often evaluated on how he or she looks. While this may not be fair, it is nonetheless true, especially in work environments. The rate of advancement, promotion opportunities and pay scale - all of these can be negatively effected by appearance. 

.   Social life - Appearance is also a major factor in the social opportunities one has available. Making friends is easier for some than other, but the process is never made easier when one has to hide one's teeth for fear of embarrassment.

.   Romantic life - Some people can overcome their stained or crooked teeth to the point where their personalities shine through. But for many others, bad teeth result in introversion to the point where they struggle to make connections - especially romantic



.   Self-image - Every person has a way of looking at his or herself, and this affects much of how they live their lives. A negative self-image can lead to depression, social issues and many lost opportunities.



In all four of these areas, the improvements a cosmetic dentist offers can make for positive change. While certainly no cure-all, a nicer smile can make for a better life. This is why it is important that average people understand, cosmetic dentistry is about more than vanity. It is about improving lives.


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