Review: Under Armour Performance Mouthwear

describe the imagePerformance mouthwear is taking athletics by storm.  The claims are clear - increase strength, increase endurance, speed up reaction time, reduce athletic stress and reduce impact.  Other studies have produced results showing increased flexibility and lower heart rates during exercise.  I decided to have one made! 

The process is reletively simple; make an appointment with a dentist who is in partnership with Under Armour, go to the 1/2 hour appointment, get impressions and wait for the mouthwear to arrive. 

My mouthwear came about 2 weeks later.  I am very active; I am an avid triathlete, I enjoy weight lifting, skiing, tennis, football and many other types of training.  I was really excited to try the mouthwear during my first triathlon.  

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Since then I have worn it many times during different activities.  It has been easy to notice improvements while weightlifting, cycling, golfing and playing tennis.  There is no doubt that the device helps as advertised. 

I do not seem to notice any benefit to me while running or swimming.  Perhaps this is because my mouth remains partially open during these types of exercises. 

Any exercise in which your clamping your teeth shut is where I noticed the greatest improvements.  I see that many professional athletes from all different sports are wearing performance mouthwear now. 

It was even mentioned during Monday Night Football.    All in all the mouthwear has lived up to its hype.  It helps me for sure!  I would definitley recommend the device! How to choose the best dentist for you and your family.  Download Now

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