The Paperless Dental Office

Okay, a lady never reveals her age, but I can tell you that when I started in dentistry, you could trade chickens for your dental work and Highlights magazine was a new publication. Remember the Timbertoes? You probably don't but I do.

My point is that I have seen dramatic changes in technology and how it positively affects you as a dental patient. Technology not only affects the method and the products used by the dentist in your actual dental treatment, but also in the administrative aspects of the office. The paperless dental office has arrived.

It is more than likely that your dental office has their schedule on a computer, but lots of dental offices are using the computer for all parts of your dental visit. From dental charting, diagnosis, treatment plans, lab slips, referrals, scheduling, appointment reminders, correspondence and insurance claims.

paperless dental office

And now at a paperless dental office, you can avoid another of the fun aspects of your dental visit: the clipboard! For more years then I care to tell, I have been handing these dreaded clipboards to patients and been rewarded with uplifting comments like. "My mortgage paperwork was easier" or "I just have a toothache, why do you need my mother’s maiden name?"

Well now with the help of the world wide web and the security available in transferring information, you can do your new patient paperwork at home, or maybe have your 12 year old, who is more computer savvy, do it for you!

At a paperless office you can now do your new patient paperwork through a website and it will be instantly transferred to software at the office. This helps with accuracy, thoroughness and saves time. Now when you come in the office can immediately start taking care of you instead of giving you carpal tunnel syndrome.

See your dentist, save a tree!

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