Your Teeth Are Alive And Hungry! Part 1

You brush, floss, rinse and see your dentist twice a year or more. You have a couple of cavities each year, maybe a crown, post or root canal. You would be totally willing to do more at home for your oral health if it would cut down on those dental visits, right?

Well, I have secrets for you, that will do just that. It's free and will have you excited to get your next report card from your dentist or hygienist.

Did you know that your teeth and your body are not 2 separate entities? Teeth are part of the body, they are not inactive organs. Teeth are not just dead bone embedded in your jaw bone.  They are held in your mouth by the surrounding periodontal tissue. They are vital living extensions of your whole self. Teeth are subject to the same metabolic processes that affect other organs of your body. That's why dentists and doctors can tell much about your health from your teeth, tongue, eyes, fingernails, hair, skin etc. Everything on the outside of us is a product of our inside health. And while it is much easier to remove a sick tooth then a sick heart, it is crucial to keep ALL out organs healthy.

Resistance to tooth decay involves the health of the entire body. Teeth are individual little miracles that are alive and they are hungry for nutrition! Each tooth has 1.5 million microscopic tubules that are always circulating fluids full of nutrients, chemicals and hormones.  This vital fluid circulates from the pulp out to the enamel and saliva. The pulp inside of each of your teeth works hard to supply nutrients to the dentin and keep the teeth healthy and alive.  The fluid inside your teeth determines the health of your teeth and gums.  The health of these fluids is determined by the health of your body. The complex physiological processes in our mouths are amazing. Teeth with a sluggish internal activity have higher incidence of decay.

There are multiple connections between oral health and total wellness. Protect your health protect your teeth and gums. Keep your teeth and gums healthy, help protect your whole self. They go together. When you control inflammation in your body, it will help your hygienist and dentist control gum inflammation.  When inflammation is controlled in your mouth, you have a much less chance of heart disease, diabetes and cancer. It's just a fact. So what are the secrets to healthy thriving happy teeth? See  part 2 of Your Teeth are Alive and Hungry!

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