Your Teeth Are Alive And Hungry - Part 3

Here are some simple ways to be a personal trainer for your teeth. Give them a good work out and whip them into shape!

  • Eat whole Foods: There is a magic (ok science) to eating the whole food. That means eat an organic orange, not just O.J. , peanuts in the shell, eat lots of organic leaves and plants. Kale lightly steamed with some garlic and olive oil is a superfood. Berries, nuts whole grain bread! Your teeth will thank you.

  • Shop the outside periphery of the supermarket: Go for produce, healthy lean meats, wild caught fish, whole grain bread and cereals and low sugar dairy. Help your teeth and gums heal themselves!

  • Say Bye to soda pop-The Massachusetts dental society has a new 2011 campaign called Can It! "Drinking regular soda 3 times a day increases your risk of dental cavities by 179%". They also state "Even with regular brushing and flossing a diet that includes regular sodas breaks down the tooth"

  • Cut out the white sugar: A high sugar content does havoc to your teeth and gums. Nothing is more harmful to your whole body. There are tons of natural things to eat that do not contain refined sugar! Berries, nuts, seeds, yogurts, dark chocolate,smoothies. Deserts don't have to involve refined sugar!


Your teeth will love chewing these natural whole foods and they taste great!

 Reduce your stress.

healthy eating teeth

Following just behind a less then nutritious diet, Stress is #2 cause of a depleted immune system which we know is equal to poor dental health. Stress depletes your immune system of vitamins and minerals. What is more stressful then multiple dental visits each year! Get your 8 hours of sleep and try your own personal form of meditation.  Meditation comes in many forms, find yours!

It is hard to make changes, but when you make a long list of the benefits, you CAN reach for a salad instead of fries, you can choose unsweetened ice tea with lemon over soda.

Keep brushing and flossing, green slime is not attractive! But remember, you have more powerful tools that will benefit not just your teeth but every cell in your body. Read up on a truly healthy diet and learn to de-stress your daily routine. Your dentist may just say "See you in 6 months!" Ahhh Music to your ears!


In Defense of Food  by Michael Pollan

Sugar Blues by William Duffy

TheChinaStudy by T. Colin Campbell PhD and Thomas M. Campbell II, MD.

Healthy Mouth, Healthy Body by Dr. Victor Zeines

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