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Juvederm in Mansfield MA

juvederm mansfield ma

Juvederm as well as Resterlyn are injected under the skin to fill lines and add volume. The gels are Hyaluronic Acid. This is a naturally occurring acid created by our bodies. Typically as a person ages the lines and folds around the mouth and nose become more prominent. A younger appearance can be attained by injecting either of these fillers into the lines and folds. This smooths the skin and adds needed volume.

Although they are very similar products, a few differences do exist. Jevederm is newer and in 2006 received FDA approval. Resterlyn is also FDA approved but was approved in 2003. Jevederm is thinner and smoother, the thicker of the two is Resterlyn. Jeverderm has been reported to last longer, 6-12 months. Resterlyn is more likely to need to be redone after 6 months. This of course depends on where the treatment site was. During the consultation process the clinician would recommend which product would work best for the area which you wish to treat.

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