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Digital X-Rays - Sophisticated Dental Technology

dental x rays
mansfield ma

Dynamic Dental uses the most technologically advanced digital x ray systems. The system only processes for a fraction of a second and emits 50%-70% less radiation than a conventional x-ray. With our system it is possible for the dental professional to stay in the room and hold the x-ray gun. 

X-rays are a very important part of dental care. They are used to diagnose all types of ailments such as cavities, abscesses, infections, cracked teeth and bone problems. With the digital technology we use the x ray can be seen immediately on the computer screen. With high resolution computer monitors the images are extremely clear to the dentist when diagnosing. A full set of x rays or ‘full mouth series’ contains 18 x rays and should be taken every 3-5 years. Bite wings which are 2-4 x rays and only cover a portion of the teeth, are take every 6 months to one year. In the event that the patient is pregnant or cannot have xrays Dynamic Dental has technology to illuminate the teeth and identify problems.

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