Dentures A Reason To Smile

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Dentures are used to replace the loss of all teeth. Dentures are a great option for people who have lost all of their teeth. Typically complete loss of teeth can occur form a number of different reasons. Poor dental hygiene, smoking, failure to repair decay or broken teeth or trauma. Removable dentures are made after all teeth are extracted. The patient then has impressions made of their gums and a plaster cast is created. The lab will then make an acrylic mold with teeth inserted. The denture is typically held in by the suction created between the pallet and the denture. Dentures do wear out over time and have to be replaced. Without natural teeth and roots in place the bones in the jaw deteriorate, which is why the mouth can look puckered when the denture is removed. 

Dentures need to be cleaned and maintained and can affect the taste of food. (Some of the sense of taste comes from the pallet which is covered by the denture) Some people can get a horse shoe shaped denture that covers less of the pallet. Dentures can be uncomfortable, rock and cause irritation to the gums. It is important to visit the dentist regularly to have the denture inspected and maintained.

Miniature implants can also be inserted into the bone to hold the denture. In this case titanium screws are placed in the jaw and the denture ‘snaps’ on to them. This is much more costly but can provide a more comfortable, smaller denture.

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