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ASK MEN: How To Fight Bad Breath

"Don't Turn Her Off With Your Breath - Here's How To Keep It Smelling Amazing" Famed men's health and lifestyle column, AskMen, recently asked Dynamic Dental's Dr. Edita Outericka what it takes to
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Analyzing The Gender Shift In Dentistry

"According to The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, there were 58,632 professionally active female dentists in the US at the start of 2016, or 28% of the total. If that doesn’t sound significant,
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Is It Really Okay to Stop Flossing?

"By now, you’ve probably seen, shared, and celebrated that story—the one telling you that it’s finally okay to burn your floss in a fiery blaze (if you even own floss at all), that years of defying
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How To Oil Pull For Health

"Oil pulling may seem like a new phenomena, but it was developed over 100 years ago as a natural remedy for health issues, including headaches and liver problems. And while some of the rumored
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