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Deep Cleaning Scaling and Root Planning



Periodontitis effects a great number of people. Some of the signs of perio disease are sore, swollen or bleeding gums, loose teeth, bad breath, receding gums and teeth that have moved. What is happening? Bacteria is able to get in under the gum between the root of the tooth and the tissue where it erodes bone around the root of the tooth. This can happen because of poor brushing and flossing and/or because of genetics. If left untreated loss of teeth and bone degeneration is likely. 

The bacteria that lives in the ‘pockets’ can also effect heart health and the health of an unborn child. The dental professional will measure these pockets with a probe a minimum of once a year. If the pockets get too large then they will do a deep cleaning or scaling. First the area is numbed, next the dentist or hygienist will use a special tool to reach into the pockets and remove the bacteria. Often times they will place an antibiotic in the pocket to help with the recovery and infection. Once the scaling is complete and the pockets are maintained every 3 to 4 months with perio maintenance it is possible to return back to healthy gums. Any bone damage cannot be reversed without surgery but the progression of the disease would be halted.

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