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Overcoming Dental Fears

Let’s face it most of us don't enjoy visiting the dentist, and it's often a relief when that six monthly visit is over. While most of us will simply get on with booking an appointment, around 5 to
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DMD VS DDS: What's The Difference?

Your local dentist may be a DDS or a DMD. Did you ever wonder what the difference was? Dentists wonder too! The acronym DDS stands for Doctor of Dental Surgery where DMD stands for Doctor of Dental
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Debunking 5 Common Dental Myths

While dental care is something that we all must do, there are a lot of myths that have formed around it. Poor dental care can lead to a large number of health issues, yet dental care itself is often
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The Paperless Dental Office

Okay, a lady never reveals her age, but I can tell you that when I started in dentistry, you could trade chickens for your dental work and Highlights magazine was a new publication. Remember the
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